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Circuit Board Recycling Machine


300-1000 Kg/H

Raw Materials:

Computer board, Phone board, TV board, CCL(copper-clad plate), PCB leftover material,etc.

Final Products:

Mixed metal powder, Resin fiber powder

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Project Description

Circuit board recycling machine is combined with the domestic and international advanced technology was developed. The equipment adopts the advanced physics law recovery processes; purity and separation rate of equipment is the highest in the all of the waste circuit board recycling equipment.

Circuit board recycling machine can help you get metals, resin powder and fiber powder from used Printed Circuit boards. Such as, waste computer boards, waste cell phone boards, waste TV boards, pcb scrap etc.

Because of the high value of the metals, fiber and resin, there is no doubt that this series plants not only help to change waste to treasure, but also bring great economic benefits.Through years of practice and theoretical analysis, we obtain the best separation result, the separating purity can be reached to 99%.

PCB Recycling Machine

First, the circuit will be separated into motherboards and some circuit components .Because of its special characteristic.the boards need the dry-type grinding and separating system .These boards are grinder into mixture power f the metal and resin fiber .Then .the mixture will be separating via air flow system the separating rate can be up to 97%. Finally .the rest mixture are processing via special electrostatic separator .the machine can achieve the 99% separating rate. Apart from that .the mesh also can be collected by the pulse dust collector .which guarantee 99% collecting rate.

PCB Recycling Machine

Raw materials that pcb recycling machine can process:

1. Waste printed circuit board with or without electronic components;

2. CCL( copper-clad plate), PCB leftover material;

3. Scrap circuit boards, such as computer board, mobile phone board, TV board, etc.

waste circuit boards mainly comes from all kinds of scrap electric appliances, mainly including green board and yellow board. Green board is dismantled from waste televisions, computers, communications equipment, with high vafue;yellow palte mainly from the tape recorder, audio equipment, washing machines, air conditioning and dismantling, with low value.

PCB Recycling Machine

We design single romulti-hooks of blades with different thickness for different materials. Blade Quality: 9CrSi, C12MoV, SKD-II, D2 etc.

PCB Recycling Machine

Metal crusher has low noise, non-pollution, high crusher tatio with uniform discharging, it can adjust the feed particue size, stable performance.

PCB Recycling Machine

Metal crusher has low noise, non-pollution, high crusher tatio with uniform discharging, it can adjust the feed particue size, stable performance.

PCB Recycling Machine

The separation rate of pulse dust cleaning device can reach 99%.

PCB Recycling Machine

The separation rate of separator can reach 98%, whitch is the only in China.

PCB Recycling Machine

I. With compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, low noise; Easy to replace wearing parts;

2. Coordinate operation and even feeding with PLC in the whole line;

3. Large capacity to 1000kg/h via 3-stage-crusher; Grinder with water cooling grinding;

4. Air flow separator with the separator rate over 99%; The efficiency of impulse dust collection reached up to 99%; Finer and more efficient separation via high voltage electronic separator; Effectively controlling the loss of non-ferrous metals.

Technical Parameter
Note : Processing capacities are the average value, depending on the capacity, the number of stand-alone units is different, Please inquire according to your needs.
Model Capacity(Kg/H) Dimensions(mm) Total Power(Kw) Space Needed(㎡)
ZYPCB-300 200-300 10000*5000*4100 45 50
ZYPCB-500 400-500 15000*8000*4100 75 120
ZYPCB-800 500-800 20000*8000*4100 120 200
ZYPCB-1000 800-1000 20000*15000*4100 160 300

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Test and inspection

Before delivery, we all equipment will imitate the real production environment, use the customer need to deal with material test, to ensure the production line performance and production meet customer requirement. We sincerely invite customers came to the scene for final test.