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Waste circuit board recycling equipment has promoted the recycling of electronic waste


Environmental protection of waste circuit board recycling equipment The use of waste circuit board copper extraction methods and processes: the raw material conveyor crushes the raw material in three stages, and after the third crushing, the raw material becomes a mixture of metal powder and resin powder, which is then transported to the gravity separation through the fine crushing conveyor system The machine and gravity separation fan separate the metal and resin powder by wind and static electricity, and remove the dust by the pulse dust removal device. The metal powder is directly recycled, and the processing capacity reaches 1000kg per hour, effectively solving the main old circuit board, copper clad board, circuit Recycling of materials such as boards and scraps to prevent environmental pollution. The previous methods of recycling waste circuit boards generally use direct burial or incineration, water washing, cracking and other methods. These will produce toxic substances and are likely to cause serious pollution to the environment such as air or soil. The national environmental protection policy does not allow this.

Waste circuit board recycling equipment
Waste circuit board recycling equipment

The waste circuit board recycling equipment has created a new situation in the development of electronic waste recycling, truly realized the recycling of resources, turned waste into treasure, and created good economic and social benefits. In short, the most notable features of this method of using waste circuit board recycling equipment are environmental protection, high comprehensive utilization rate, and large added value. It is the future development trend of waste electronic waste disposal.

Features of waste circuit board recycling equipment: 1. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance and low noise. 2. Adopt PLC to control the complete set of production line to feed evenly and coordinate the operation. 3. Adopt three-level crushing to make the processing capacity reach 800KG per hour. 4. The crushing room uses circulating water to control temperature and reduce noise. 5. A full set of production line adopts negative pressure feeding to effectively reduce dust overflow. 6. The material return system makes crushing more efficient. 7. The separation rate of air separation equipment is as high as 97%. 8. The efficiency of the pulse dust removal equipment is as high as 99% or more, which effectively suppresses the volatilization of the dust. 9. The high-voltage electrostatic separator makes the separation finer and more efficient, and effectively controls the loss of non-ferrous metals. 10. Set up bridges and guardrails at the height of the complete production line to facilitate maintenance personnel to monitor and maintain the equipment in real time. 11. Equipped with magnetic separation function, can separate the iron from the material.

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