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Cable stripper recycling machine

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Wire stripping machine is a specialized wire harness processing automation equipment in industry. The main function is to strip off the protective layer outside the wire. The wire stripping machine technology is widely used in audio and data wire prices and various wire harness processing industries.

Wire stripping machines can be divided into electronic wire stripping machines, coaxial wire stripping machines, and waste cable stripping machines in a general sense. The following specifically talk about the function of the wire stripping machine:

Cable Stripping Machine

Cable Stripping Machine

Electronic wire stripping machine can be divided into semi-automatic wire stripping machine and automatic wire stripping machine. The automatic wire stripping machine is also called the computer wire stripping machine. It is generally driven by a stepping motor or a servo motor, and is controlled by a PLC or a single-chip computer. There are many models with enhanced functions, such as: support for stripping small windows in the middle, support for twisting of multi-core wires, support for automatic splitting of cables, support for layered stripping of wires with multilayer insulation, etc.; semi-automatic stripping The machine requires manual operation, which can effectively make up for the blank of the automatic stripping machine, and can process wires that cannot be completed by the automatic stripping machine, such as large cables, stripping the core wire of the sheathed wire, etc.

The coaxial wire stripping machine is dedicated to processing signal wires, such as audio wires, router antennas, laptop data wires, etc. This kind of wire harness generally has 3 or more layers of protective layers, and generally has a metal woven mesh layer to shield signal interference. The processing accuracy is extremely high, and it is almost impossible to complete the processing of this type of wire harness by hand. The coaxial wire stripping machine adopts a rotary cutter head for rotary cutting, which can accurately peel off each layer in layers with extremely high precision. It is also divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic models. The semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine requires manual operation, and the automatic coaxial cable stripping machine can work fully automatically without manual labor.

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