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E-waste precious metal refining and extraction equipment

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The precious metal sorting, refining, extraction and reuse production line is used to sort and refine precious metals gold, silver, palladium, platinum from electronic waste, precious metal chip components and anode mud. The purity of precious metals can reach 99.99%.

There are many sources of scraps containing precious metals, such as waste mobile phone circuit boards, computer CPUs, motherboards, VCDs, CDs, TVs, game consoles, fax machines, telephones, mobile communications and other household appliances, and industrial appliances such as electroplating plants, Leftovers from electronic component factories, printing factories, photosensitive materials factories, and electronics factories, etc.

Precious Metal Refining Machine

Precious Metal Refining Machine

Chips, north-south bridges, memory chips, integrated circuits, and plastic encapsulation field effects that cannot be returned after disassembly are all components that contain high gold and silver collective materials in the components that meet the unified treatment, and can be baked with ozone (ozone can completely destroy the formation of combustion Harmful flue gas), roasting slag adopts solvent carrier, leaching copper, lead tin, hydrochloric acid medium to leaching gold, platinum and palladium, and extracting gold, platinum and palladium. For chip capacitors with high content of silver and palladium, the acid method is used to independently extract silver and palladium. For gold-plated circuit boards and plug-ins, it is recommended to use a non-cyanide environmentally friendly gold stripping agent to quickly strip and extract gold. For acoustic surfaces containing silver and palladium, metal encapsulated transistors, and integrated circuits, use a special pin cutter to remove the metal shell and punch out the chip. Then, according to the chip and integrated circuit plan, the valuable metals are extracted. For the electrolytic capacitors with high aluminum content, they are dry-rolled. , After crushing, the metal aluminum is directly smelted. For the zener diodes, some varactor diodes, and other glass-encapsulated components, and plastic-encapsulated light-emitting tubes, the valuable metals are extracted after crushing, and the circuit boards are leached with organic acid and subjected to liquid electrolysis. Produce electrolytic copper and palladium-containing circuit boards (the double-sided circuit boards basically contain palladium, and the palladium is used as a copper-plated substrate and contained in the via hole as the wire), then the palladium is leached with acid, and then the palladium is extracted and refined. There are many equipments in the whole refining process, so I won't go into details here.

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