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pcb electronic component dismantling machine

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The automatic circuit board dismantling machine is a device used to disassemble electronic components from waste circuit boards, because different components contain different metals, some components contain precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium, and some components contain toxic substances Some components such as radiators can be directly sorted and sold; the disassembled motherboard is also easier to crush and sort the copper in it, which also greatly reduces the work of the crushing and sorting section, and improves the precious metal Reuse rate.

PCB Dismantling Machine

PCB Dismantling Machine

Outstanding advantages

1. Fully automatic control work, saving manpower, usually two people in a shift;

3. Detinning and disassembly are completed in one step;

5. The automatic circuit board dismantling machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable;

7. Reduce the damage of components and reduce the loss of precious metals; 2. The temperature is automatically controlled by the heating system without manual intervention;

4. Large output, up to 200,300,500 kilograms per hour;

6. After separation, enter the next sorting process respectively to improve economic efficiency;

8. Equipped with flue gas treatment equipment, no pollution to the environment;

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