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SUNY GROUP precious metal refining and extraction production line

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The SUNY GROUP production line equipment aims at recycling and recycling a large number of waste electrical and electronic products, and extracts rare and precious metals and common metals in a harmless and environmentally friendly way for waste mobile phones, circuit boards, electronic components, and metal-plated devices. High value-added renewable resource products.

Precious Metal Refining Machine

Precious Metal Refining Machine

The production line adopts a total wet chemical process to extract five metals: gold, silver, palladium, tin, and copper. It includes three modules: circuit board light board rare metal recycling equipment, circuit board components rare metal recycling equipment, and complete environmental protection treatment facilities. The purity of the metal obtained by the treatment is ≥99%, and the recovery rate is ≥95%; the main reagent used in the production line is an environmentally-friendly reagent independently developed and does not contain highly toxic cyanide and aqua regia treatment agents. The reagent can be recycled many times, reducing The amount of waste water, the production waste water generated by the entire production line can be discharged up to the standard; the small amount of waste gas generated is treated in a centralized manner, which meets the national environmental protection requirements.

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