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How to deal with waste lithium batteries?

2022-08-01 15:29:23

The remaining power in the waste lithium-ion battery is discharged, and then the battery is torn, broken, and pulverized to separate the diaphragm, the shell, and the positive and negative fragments. Full value recycling of batteries.

Recycling and disposal of industrial waste lithium batteries:

The recycling of waste lithium-ion batteries is divided into two processes: wet process and fire process. Industrially, the fire process is relatively mature and widely used. For example, a company's CaO-SiO2-Al 2O3 shaft furnace smelting process.

Lithium battery recycling technology process

Lithium battery recycling technology process

However, the current industry is generally optimistic about the lithium battery treatment process is a wet process, which must first use a mechanical method to break the battery shell, then use a leaching process to dissolve valuable metal elements, and then use precipitation, extraction and other methods to recover the metal.

The recovery and reuse of waste lithium batteries starts from the treatment of monopoles of lithium batteries, continuously enlarges the scale of lithium battery processing, adjusts the process flow, and finally develops a reasonable industrialized automatic mechanical separation process equipment for recycling lithium batteries. -Lithium battery crushing, sorting and processing equipment, and found out the necessary conditions for each step in the recycling process, and completely separated and recycled the metal substances in the lithium battery.

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