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Two ways to discharge used lithium-ion batteries

2022-07-06 11:45:11

Waste power batteries have high voltage and should be fully discharged before recycling. At present, there are two main methods for the safe discharge of waste lithium-ion batteries. One is the physical method of discharge, which is mainly to eliminate electricity through an external load. It is only suitable for laboratory tests, and large-scale discharge is not feasible; the other is chemical discharge, that is, using the positive and negative electrodes of the battery as the cathode and anode, and using the electrolysis process in the solution to consume the residual power in the battery. The sodium chloride solution is used as the electrolyte, and the waste lithium-ion battery is used as the power source for discharging. The method is simple and feasible. However, the use of salt water discharge will cause a series of technical problems such as the generation of sewage, the discharge and collection of waste gas, and the method of feeding and discharging materials. Therefore, how to realize the needs of environmental protection and automation in industrial applications is an urgent problem to be solved now.

Lithium battery 


The waste lithium-ion battery discharge system includes a discharge battery for storing brine, each discharge battery has an openable and closable sealing cover, and each discharge battery is connected with an exhaust gas treatment device for collecting and treating the exhaust gas generated during the discharge process. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, improved working environment, good environmental protection and the like. The waste lithium-ion battery discharge system, including more than one discharge battery for storing salt water Exhaust gas treatment device.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

When the waste lithium-ion battery discharge system discharges the waste lithium-ion battery, it specifically includes the following steps:

(A) Adjust the concentration of brine in the discharge battery, and adjust the concentration of brine to 5-10% by controlling the amount of NaCl added;

(B) Put the waste lithium ion battery into the container frame, open the sealing cover of the battery 1, put the container frame containing the waste lithium ion battery into the discharge battery 1, close the sealing cover, and open the exhaust gas treatment device ;

(C) Control the soaking time of the waste lithium ion battery in the discharge battery to be 72 to 96h, until the voltage is lower than 1.5V, take out the waste lithium ion battery;

(D) moving the discharged waste lithium ion battery to the vibration dehydrator 6, and using the vibration dehydrator to remove the moisture on the surface of the waste lithium ion battery, so that the moisture on the surface of the waste lithium ion battery is less than 5%.

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