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What equipment does the waste tire recycling project need?

2022-06-01 19:16:05

Waste tire processing equipment alias waste tire rubber powder production line. Equipment composition: tire ring cutting machine or tire drawing machine, tire shredder, wire separator, rubber shredder, vibrating screen, fiber sorting machine, dust removal equipment, rubber mill, packaging machine.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

First, the steel wire tire is decomposed into blocks by the steel wire tire decomposition equipment, and then the tire blocks are broken into (5-10cm) blocks by the tire shredder. (10mm-20mm), in the rubber granulator: pulverize the rubber particles to a smaller size (1mm-7mm), after passing through the vibrating screen: sort the rubber particles of different sizes, and send the oversized particles back to the pulverizer Perform secondary pulverization, and then fiber separator: remove foreign matter and fibers, and then enter the rubber mill at room temperature for fine grinding, process into fine rubber powder with a fineness of 5-80 mesh, and finally go through the magnetic separation process to bag Sales. Waste tire processing equipment is a large-scale complete set of equipment that completely separates the three major raw materials contained in tires: rubber, steel wire and fiber at room temperature at one time and realizes 100% recycling. The waste tire processing production line can recycle tires in the diameter range of 400-3000mm according to customer requirements. The production line runs at room temperature without any chemical additives and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. The production line adopts PLC control system, which is easy to operate and maintain, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long service life.

Independent dust removal device, atomization spray system, and water cooling system enable small waste tire rubber powder production lines to grind waste tires into fine rubber powder at room temperature. This set of equipment occupies a small area, low investment, low energy consumption, and green Environmental protection and pollution-free, the whole set of equipment has a high degree of automation and simple operation, and only 3 people can be put into production.

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