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Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

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The scrap motor rotor crusher is a kind of hammer crusher. Based on the metal crushing equipment, it is an optimized design of a non-screen bar, adjustable fine crushing equipment. The scrap motor rotor crusher is suitable for the fine crushing of the waste motor rotor. Operation.

The working principle of the waste motor rotor pulverizer: the material falls vertically from the upper part of the machine into the high-speed rotating impeller. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it is shunted with another part in the form of an umbrella. The material around the impeller produces high-speed impact and crushing. After colliding with each other, the material will form a vortex flow between the impeller and the casing to collide and rub each other multiple times, and then discharge directly from the bottom to form a closed circuit for multiple cycles. The screening equipment controls to reach the required finished product particle size.

Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine

Motor Rotor Stator Recycling Machine

The scrap motor rotor crusher crushes relatively large, and the large crushing ratio can reach the output particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily, not affected by the hammer and liner wear; no screen bar setting; the scrap motor rotor crusher adopts an elastic adjustment mechanism, and cannot be broken when entering The material can be discharged automatically without causing equipment damage; the bearings are arranged horizontally and have a long life; the rotor body of the waste motor rotor crusher has a unique structure, and the rotor body is hardly worn when crushing materials; the rear cavity is equipped with a screw or hydraulic opening mechanism, The wearing parts can be easily replaced without having to start the main equipment.

1. The characteristics of the scrap motor rotor shredder

1. It has the advantages of large torque, high output, no noise, wear resistance, etc.

2. It can greatly reduce the volume occupied by the chips, and the chips can be fed continuously or intermittently.

3. The horizontal double-roll chip shredder can make the drying, briquetting, smelting, crushing, pre-treatment and transportation of chemical fireproof materials simple and easy.

4. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and small discharge particle size.

5. The machine drive device is equipped with safe electrical protection, which can effectively prevent accidental failures from causing equipment damage.

6. Chips can be fed continuously or intermittently.

7. The use of horizontal chip crusher facilitates the subsequent processing of chips, effectively reduces the volume of chips and saves storage space.

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