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Waste circuit board crushing, refining and recycling production line

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The specific gravity separator, pulse dust collector and induced draft fan form a set of classification system. The oil and paper are removed by the suction of the fan. Under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating grading turbine, the coarse and fine materials are separated. The fine particles that meet the particle size requirements enter the cyclone separator or dust removal through the gap of the grading wheel blades. The coarse particles are collected by gravity and centrifugal force, and are thrown around the cylinder by the rotor blades and slide down along the cylinder. During the landing process, they are impacted by the secondary air current, so that the agglomerated oil and paper are scattered and combined. Blow to the classification chamber again, and the material will be discharged from the lower discharge port under the action of gravity.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

E-waste extracts gold. What is the difference between this kind of gold and the gold extracted from mines? Will there be any difference in texture and purity? People may have such questions. People have become accustomed to the gold extracted from mines, and they still have certain doubts about the gold extracted from this kind of "electronic waste." After strict monitoring, the gold extracted from electronic waste can be directly obtained with gold (silver) content that can reach the No. 2 gold (silver) standard, which means that the purity of gold reaches 99%. Therefore, there is no difference between gold produced from e-waste production and gold from mining.

The specific gravity separator has a wide range of uses and is suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metal materials, powdered materials, granular materials, and mixed materials. They are separated and sorted by different materials, different specific gravity, and different particle sizes. It is used in mineral processing, medicine , Chemical, electronic metal recycling and rare metal recycling, and many other industries have very broad application prospects. It replaces the old equipment that pollutes and wastes resources, such as the old process water separation and flotation in the old market. The specific gravity separator is a new type of separation equipment newly launched by our company. It is also a new environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment in the current mixture separation and sorting industry. The equipment has stable performance, obvious effect, high efficiency and energy saving, and the use of the site is environmentally friendly, without water pollution, no acid and alkali pollution, and the products are favored by customers after they are launched.

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