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How to recycle and dispose of decommissioned waste lithium batteries?

2022-06-13 15:08:16

How to recycle new energy vehicle batteries? According to data from my country's Automotive Technology Research Center, 500,000 tons of new energy batteries should enter the "retirement period" by 2022. Although most of the retired power batteries cannot meet the power needs of automobiles, However, it still retains about 80% of the energy storage. Such retired batteries can be recycled and processed again, and can continue to use the waste heat in other fields, such as toys, low-speed trams and other fields.

The batteries that cannot be used in the cascade can be recycled by dismantling, separating, purifying, smelting and other methods. Lithium batteries contain many rare metal materials including cobalt, nickel, manganese, etc. Cobalt is an extremely rare metal resource in my country, and there is not much nickel. Therefore, dismantling scrapped lithium batteries has become a popular project.

Lithium Battery Recycling Plant

With the rapid development of the domestic new energy vehicle industry, although the number of retired batteries is not many, the models and standards of batteries are indeed varied, which also increases the cost of battery recycling and processing. In response to this situation, at the beginning of this year Six departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have introduced management methods for the recycling and utilization of power batteries for new energy vehicles, and proposed that power battery manufacturers should adopt a standardized and easy-to-disassemble product structure design to improve the efficiency of recycling and reuse.

The implementation of such a standard is also good news for downstream manufacturers of lithium battery dismantling and recycling. The dismantling and recycling of lithium batteries will become more and more refined and mature, and the recycling and reuse of lithium batteries will no longer be a problem.

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