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How to remove copper from motor stator ?

2023-03-15 15:47:32

There are actually many new ways to remove copper from old rotors. This is a question that everyone is more concerned about at present. So the following editor has collected some answers about how to get a copper head on the fader motor, and I will share it with you, hoping to help you. you

1. Motor rotor copper extraction machine

The old motor rotor copper pulling machine is the most advanced old motor rotor dismantling equipment in China. In the past, it was time-consuming and labor-intensive to manually disassemble the small motor rotor, and the labor cost was too high, or it was dissolved and separated by fire. It cannot be directly processed or even discarded, which not only wastes metal resources, but also causes environmental pollution. The birth of the old motor rotor copper extraction machine makes it possible to directly crush and separate the old motor rotors that are difficult to handle without sorting. The rotors of large, medium and small motors can be crushed, which effectively solves the problem of difficult disassembly of motor rotors, and makes the disposal of motor rotors on the road of automation and mechanization.


Motor stator copper extraction machine

2. How to remove the copper head on the electric clipper motor? First take a flat chisel and cut off the copper clad at one end along the motor iron core, then turn the motor upside down and get some wood and firewood to burn until it is almost done. Take an iron rod and pull it out from the other end, and it is easy to come out completely! The method of removing the copper wire in the motor is as follows: If the motor is not reused for maintenance, directly cut off one end of the motor copper wire package with a sharp tool.

3. Put the motor on the fire after cutting, remove the insulation and protective substances in the motor with a big fire, and then use other tools to pull out the copper wire package directly! If the motor needs to be repaired and used again, use a chisel to carefully chisel it off One end of the motor copper wire package.

4. Then put the firewood into the motor stator cavity and heat the motor with fire.

5. After the motor is hot, wrap the copper wire inside the motor with a tool, and pull it out carefully! You must be slow when pulling the wire bag, and you must not use too much force.

6. So as not to damage the silicon steel sheet in the stator cavity of the motor! Remember: if maintenance is really needed, after the copper wire package is pulled out, you must carefully check the number of turns, wire diameter, length, and span of each copper wire package! The data must be Be authentic!

The copper wire in the motor stator is cut and pulled out by the stator copper remover, and the copper wire is completely removed under the action of the hydraulic cylinder. This equipment is a new type of environmental protection equipment, mainly used for the disassembly and assembly of old motors. The inner copper wire has been completely disassembled, and there is no threat to the surrounding environment or personal safety during the disassembly process. At the same time, the removed copper wire is very complete, and the recovery rate is greatly improved, which is why this equipment can be widely used in this industry.

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