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What equipment is needed for dismantling and recycling used batteries?

2022-09-19 16:31:58

There are many types of batteries, commonly used batteries include dry batteries, accumulators, and small-sized micro batteries. With the strong development trend of new energy vehicles in recent years, the scrapping standard of the power battery, which is the core of new energy vehicles, is that the battery capacity is less than 80%, which means that new energy vehicles need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Power Battery. Among them, the scrapped power battery of pure electric passenger cars and hybrid passenger cars will reach 170,000 tons in 2022. Therefore, the recycling of waste power batteries has become the focus of the industry. What equipment is needed for dismantling used batteries?

Lithium battery recycling flow chart

Lithium battery recycling flow chart

The material is sent to the primary crusher by the conveyor for coarse crushing, the material after primary crushing is then sent to the secondary crusher through the conveyor for secondary crushing, and the crushed material of the secondary crusher enters the conveyor. At the same time, magnetic separation equipment is installed in the material, which can separate the iron in the material.

After the iron is removed by the material conveyor and the magnetic separator, it enters the tertiary crusher for fine crushing, and the material is crushed to powder. The powder state material enters the cyclone separator from the negative pressure system for air filtration, and falls to the air separator through the fan, and is sorted by the air separator, so that the materials of different densities are stratified, and then metal sorting is obtained. come out.

All non-metals are brought into the pulse dust collector by the negative pressure system for concentration. The filtered exhaust gas will continue to be sent to the exhaust gas treatment equipment by the negative pressure system for air purification, so that it can meet the national emission standard and then be discharged at high altitude.

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